How to Get to Heath and Information about the Community

Travel to Heath

Heath, Ohio is located about 30 miles east of Columbus and just south of Newark in Central Ohio. Its closest neighboring towns and cities are Newark and Vanatta to the north, Granville and Pataskala to the west, Hebron and Buckeye Lake to the south, and Claylick and Toboso to the east. All of these towns are located within Licking County.

There are two primary routes to travel from Columbus to Heath. From the northern part of town, you would take I-270 to OH-161 eastbound until it turns into OH-37 near the Granville area and further continuing as it turns into OH-16. Once you reach Newark, look for the exit for OH-79 south. This will take you into downtown Heath. 

From the south of Columbus, take I-70 east out of the city until you reach OH-79 and head north. This route is a little faster because of the highway travel but depending on where you are starting from would decide on which route to take. 

Heath the Community

Heath has only been an entity for a short amount of time with respect to most elsewhere in Ohio. Heath was incorporated in 1952 and then became a city in 1965. The city has had just 7 mayors in it’s 66 year history, making each mayor on average in office for almost 10 years! That’s quite a long time considering typical term lengths.

Demographics have been primarily white dominant with over 90% of the population being white since 2000. The number has slightly declined from 95.59% in 2000 to 93.7% in 2010. African American is the lowest current percentage at 0.2%. The ages of most people living in the area is 40 years and under 25% of the population is under the after of 18 living at home with parents as minors. 

Local Heath Places

The Indian Mound Mall built in 1986 providing the residents of Heath and surrounding areas with an indoor mall shopping experience they could not get elsewhere within Licking County. This was a huge draw to the area at the time, helping boost the value of local businesses and housing. Check out this video from back in 1985 to get a glimpse of the past!

The Newark Air Force based is also located in Heath, just outside of Newark. This base is primarily used for monitoring the weather patterns and metrology while working in conjunction with the Wright Patterson Base. It was originally set up as a test shop but after much success, the precision equipment developed was able to better calibrate and measure accuracies that were extremely reliable.

The Works is a museum for children and adults alike to dive into technology, science, art, and history. In the history section, you can find more information about the Paleo-Indians, flight and flying, and some of the local industry tycoons such as Owens Corning and others. The facility is currently home to one of central Ohio’s glass making facilities where kids and adults are supervised and instructed in how to make their own glass! This hands-on experience is great for the whole family. In the science center there are many different “labs” that offer a variety of different principles for a child to learn about. Some involve Newton’s Laws of motion and gravity, one health and body related, the Zap lab about electriticy, and of course a place for play area for the youngest tots of the group.