Heath Governments, Parks and Housing

Government and Municipal offices

The City of Heath has many different government offices that support different parts of the city and its development. The county auditor serves to provide accurate data of funding and tax dollars provided by the residents and various tax methods. He is very instrumental in helping the mayor with an annual report of fiscal spending, tracks where dollars are being spent, and advises on where more improvements need to be made. The office of building and zoning is whom you need to contact about any land development within the city limits. All permits must be submitted here and any engineering documents that need approved by the city would go through this office as well.

Fire Department, Police, and Safety of Heath Residents

Heath employs many individuals for the health, safety, and emergency situations. The Fire and Police departments are integral to achieving these goals. 

Heath has two fire departments. Fire station 1 located at 193 Heath Rd and the other at 1365 Blackfoot Trail. Both of these stations combined serve nearly 13 square miles of the Heath community. The fire department employs 16 full-time members including firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics. There are other volunteers that own various certifications that are on-call with the department in case of emergency. The staff as a whole is around 24 hours a day and takes on average 2,400 calls a year which equates to almost 7 calls per day!

As a comparison, Heath Police emergency responders service 16,000 calls per year which equal 44 calls per day. These numbers are staggering for such a small city but is relatively average for the nation. In addition to traffic law enforcement, the police appear in court for various criminal cases and respond to any other reported crimes such as theft or potentially worse. The department has 18 full-time officers and other staff on-call in an unusual situation when staff is required. The police department is located at 1287 Hebron Road. 

Parks and Recreation

Within the city limits, Heath has 10 parks that are maintained by a small staff at the Department of Parks and Recreation. They also are responsible for events in Heath and various programs to encourage people to get active and healthier. 

One of the parks maintained is Hoback Park located right off of the South Fork Licking River. Geller Ball park has a few playgrounds for the kids or is a great place to play sand volleyball in the summertime. Contrary to the winter, Geller Ball has one of the best hills around for sled riding. Check out this picture from January 2018.

Geller Ball Park Sled Riding near Heath, Ohio

Housing in Heath

The great community of Heath has been home to thousands of residents over it’s year. It is a reasonably priced place to live for someone looking to buy a home or rent.  The median value of a home is around $110,000 so very affordable for a new home buyer or someone looking for potential real estate investments. There are a couple pockets of Heath that have higher price homes from $220,000 all the way up to a $500,000 home but those are few and far between. If you are looking to potentially build your own house, land values are relatively cheap in comparison to a bigger city like Columbus.  Price per acre is around $40,000. 

If someone is looking to rent in the area, rental prices are around $600 per month. This will get you a typical 1 or 2 bedroom place with anywhere from 600-1000 square feet. Here is a link to Zillow where you can find good places to rent in Heath or homes that are for sale.