Birthday Parties

Happy birthday is our middle name!  The fun sports theme of the Tailgate Club will set the tone to make ANYBODY happier to be a year older!  Make it the kind of birthday the lucky person deserves, you can bring in as many presents, cakes, and friends as you want.  Up to 225 people can comfortably fit, so make sure all the cousins. Aunts, uncles and important friends get to celebrate. This is the place to make candles glow even brighter.

Grad Parties

They MADE it! After all the early mornings, late nights, getting through exams and working hard for the best possible grades, the hard-working grad deserves a real party. Make sure that the efforts that got through are “forever memories.” This is the perfect location to take pictures and videos, dance and sing and generally have a good time. Celebrate the successful graduate’s work and triumph with a major event – in the fun atmosphere of the Tailgate Club.

Wedding Receptions

A wedding is a wonderful and joyous event. Whatever the theme, this is the perfect place to share the occasion with family and friends. The love and wonder of life together can begin right here, with an epic event with fun and sweet memories for the lucky couple and all their supporters. We have the perfect place for the perfect couple, so make it the time of their lives. Decorate our Club to be the perfect place for all the company to congratulate the newly-weds and join in their bliss.

Red and White themed Wedding Reception at The Tailgate ClubDecorated Wedding Reception Hall


Retirement Parties

When the race is run and the work is done, it’s time to celebrate the effort and dedication of the retiree – and have a great time doing it! Retirement is a time to look back on all the memories of a lifetime of labor and to savor all the good times as well.  A terrific party in a terrific location is the exclamation point for a great career. For the soon-to-be person of leisure – or world traveler – this is the place to wish them well in their “life after work.”

Corporate Event

Corporate events are a great way to get your coworkers together and synergize everyone together with team building activities. Or maybe you are having a company event to discuss your year in review and present outstanding achievements to the best performers in the past year. You can also address where the company is headed into the future with potential projects or markets you are diving into. 

Wedding or Baby Showers

Presents and wishes are the order of the day. All the joy that is forthcoming needs to be one of the best memories ever. Make this event part of the story of the story of a life to be. You couldn’t have a better place to wish the soon-to-be couple or parents the very best – and be sure to give them a good start on the all the “stuff” they’ll need in their new role in life.

Football Parties

Score big with a football bash at The Tailgate Club! Your team needs its supporters to be together and cheer them on to victory! They would approve of the festivities – and the decorations that you put up – when you’re in the football-accented Club.  The only other things you need are the cheers, the food and drink and the party goers to cheer them on to Victory!

Class Reunion

Old friends, old memories, and young hearts – get together with your classmates in a place that will make the years disappear. Every gathering of the people you went to school with puts another page in the book of your life and theirs. Make it a really memorable time and watch as the years fall away. The Tailgate Club is the perfect place to party and play “Do you remember when…”