The Best Team Building Activities For Your Next Corporate Event

company team building activitiesTeam building activities are important for corporate workers. These activities will help the employees learn more about one another while they’re participating in fun things and figuring out how to work more efficiently as a team instead of as an individual. It’s great for the business because then the employees will work better together, thus resulting in more productivity at the workplace. If you’d like to try some non-cliché ideas, there are quite a few team building activities worth trying.

Sitting to Standing Cooperation

One of the first activities you can do with employees has them gather up in teams of two and sit directly on the floor, but make sure they’re facing one another with their legs folded while they sit on the ground. They’ll need to lock hands and then attempt to get off the ground using the other person’s hands instead of the floor to assist them with the process of standing up. It’s a bit tricky, but if they’re focused, they’ll be able to get up off the ground by working as a team together.

Once everyone gets up from the floor, you can start to create larger groups and have them try out the same exact thing. It becomes even more of a challenge when you have several people holding hands with one another while trying to get up from the floor, but it’s a fun, simple, and engaging activity for all employees who want to learn how to work together a lot better.

You can see something similar to this with 4 students locking arms like in the video below:

Visit a Maze

Another great team building corporate event involves taking your employees to visit a maze where they’re going to start working in teams of two and three while one person is blindfolded. The goal is to get the blindfolded person through the maze by providing them with the directions, even though they’re not going to be able to see where they’re going. It gets a bit complicated, but if the teams are willing to communicate effectively with one another, they’ll have success. Not only is it a bit of a challenge, but it’s something fun for the employees to do as a way of learning to trust one another and work better together.

team building maze adventure

Team Kayaking Adventure

Another team building activity involves a kayak and some water. Head over to a local lake and rent out the kayaks for employees. Have one person blindfolded in the kayak with two other people providing thorough directions, similar to the maze. Make sure each person is wearing a life jacket just to be on the safe side because you wouldn’t want someone to accidentally fall out of the kayak, end up in the water, and not know how to swim.


The kayaking adventure is fun because the blindfolded person doesn’t know which direction to go, but the people who are in the kayak with him or her are responsible for providing the best possible directions to ensure they’re able to get from one point to the next without making any mistakes. If those who are sharing a kayak want to have the most success with this game, they’re going to need to trust one another and practice good listening skills.

There are a lot of fantastic team building activities that can truly help your employees learn to work better with one another while forming stronger bonds with their co-workers. If you’re looking for options that aren’t so cliché, these are just a few that are worth trying. The employees who work for the corporation may have such a good time participating in some of these interesting, exciting, and genuinely fun activities that will teach them so much.

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