Manogg Family - Owners of the Tailgate Club

Local Newark Owned Business

The Tailgate Club is owned by Phil and Lee Manogg, longtime residents of the Heath and Newark areas. They’ve lived in town for nearly 40 years and have raised their kids and grandkids in town.

Phil and Lee purchased an renovated the Tailgate Club themselves and the facility was paid off in full the day it opened. This was an investment the couple made with the intentions of passing it on down the family. The theme is Ohio State which is Phil’s alma mater and his beloved home college football team.

The floor of the facility was sanded and refinished by Phil, himself, and the graphics were added as well before the project was complete. The images below from our Facebook page hardly do it justice but it’s a few Disney characters saying “OH-IO” and “O-H-I-O” like what happens during the Ohio State football games.

The Manoggs are also owners of local Ambassador Title Agency that assists in Real Estate transactions. 

Phil was previously a practicing lawyer and after many stressful days and nights decided to hang up his hat to take better care of his health.