3 Secret Ideas You Can Use For Your Next Surprise Birthday Party

"Happy Birthday" written on the side of candles

Birthdays are one of the most special occasions in a person’s life, and as a result, it is essential that you try to make it as memorable as possible. After all, we only have a limited amount of time with our loved ones, and we need to make the most of it. One of the best types of birthday parties to have is surprise parties, where the birthday guy or girl, is completely unaware of the party. This is a great way to make anyone feel special and loved and can truly make the birthday, one to remember. So, we will now cover a few great ideas that you can use to plan your next surprise birthday party.

The “Kidnapping” Surprise Birthday Party

In order to do this, you will need to “kidnap” the surprisee. All you have to do is show up at the person’s house once you know that they’re home. It is important that they don’t expect you on that day. Once they answer the door and see you, you can simply blindfold them and take them to your car. Once they are in the car and are still blindfolded, you can take them to the location of the surprise party. This is definitely unexpected and most people absolutely love this idea. Alternatively, you don’t have to “kidnap” them at their home, but at any place that you know, they’ll be. Of course, if you plan to do so at their workplace, be sure to get the permission of their boss so that they have the day off. 

*Note – https://mytailgateclub.com/ does not condone actual kidnapping. This is intended for fun only.

The “Treasure Hunt” Surprise Birthday Party

This is one of my favorite type of surprise parties because you have to give the birthday guy or girl, a map to their surprise party. This map can be in the form of clues, that are left in different locations. For example, you can leave a clue next to their bed, or wherever they will see it. This clue should lead them to another clue in another location. Once they have found that clue, it will lead them to a next location. This can be done in such a way that the person has to go to various locations throughout their home and even neighborhood. It is extremely interactive and fun and is great for the person that loves mysteries. The final clue should lead them to the location of the surprise party.

treasure hunt birthday party map

The “Renting A Limo Or Party Bus” Surprise

If you have a large budget and really want to give the birthday guy or gal a treat, you can rent a limousine or party bus for the day. However, you should pick up all the friends and loved ones of the surprisee, and decorate the limo or bus with lots of balloons, decorations etc. You should ask the surprisee to meet you at a specific place or street corner, and then show up in the limo with all their friends and family. This is truly a lovely surprise that they will definitely remember for many years.

As you can see, there are many different ideas that you can come up with for a surprise birthday party in Newark. All that it requires is a bit of forethought, planning, and creativity. However, it requires a lot of organization to ensure that the surprise goes off without a hitch and the surprisee is truly caught off guard.

In closing, when it comes to planning a surprise birthday party, be sure to keep the above ideas in mind. These ideas will definitely make the birthday guy or girl, truly happy on their special day.

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